The majority of FALCOIN will be distributed through affiliate systems, where members will be rewarded coins for bringing merchants on board to accept FALCOIN for payments.


The platform will consist of (but not limited to) multiple functionalities built to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the masses for different purposes:
collection of wallets and exchange for multiple cryptocurrencies, merchant platform where businesses can plug-in through APIs to list, market and sell their products by accepting cryptocurrencies (of their choice) as payments, payment solutions including online POS systems for easier acceptance and ATM for conversion of cryptocurrencies.

Project Phases
Phase 01

Total amount of Falcoin added to distribution schedule:20 Million during Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Phase 02

To increase the distributed coins by up to 10 million maximum each month according to market response, capped at 10 months

Phase 03

To be announced


This project will be rolled out starting Q3 of 2017 and released in stages, as the different parts of the platform are ready and tested.